What Makes India Chef Different?

India Chef is one of the most unique Indian restaurants you will ever find. We not only cater to patrons who want to sample the traditional, authentic cuisine of India, but also to customers who are new to Indian food and are open to trying a more subtle version of the typical, India’s popular international dishes. Couples, families, friends and co-workers can dine at India Chef and enjoy the entire spectrum of our  traditionally spiced dishes of India  served alongside a  mild versions that maintain the key flavors of the cuisine. India Chef will create each meal to the liking of every customer at the table.

For Meat and Seafood Lovers

Traditionalists will enjoy the spicy lamb boti kabob or goat curry, while those new to Indian cuisine will love the sweet and savory chicken tikka masala, butter chicken or tandoori chicken. Whether you want chicken, shrimp, lamb, beef, fish or goat, India Chef lets you order what pleases you most. We will serve your favorite meat or fish in one of the many traditional preparations of Indian cooking, using only the amount of spice you want. Try your meal served in a curry, biriyani, masala, kurma, mhakni, bhuna, madras, sag, rogon-josh, jalfrazi, vindaloo, kurma, karahi, balti or pasanda style dish.

Favorites include:

  • Lamb curry
  • Chicken tandoori
  • Beef Rogon Josh
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Shrimp Jafrazi
  • Butter Chicken

For Vegetarians


India Chef is a vegetarian’s paradise, featuring traditional meat-free options, including basmati rice, spinach, potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, lentils, garbanzo beans, cabbage, okra, peas, garlic and onions, served in dishes like:

Favorites include:

  • Vegetable Curry and Kurma
  • Dahl Mhakni
  • Mattar and Sag Paneer
  • Malai Khofta
  • Aloo Matar Gobi
  • Bringal Bharta
  • Bhindi Bhaji

India Chef grows a variety of peppers in its onsite garden.

Family Friendly


Don’t be surprised if you walk into our dining room and see families dining with their children. Our cuisine appeals to all ages and backgrounds; in fact, many parents return to our restaurant because their children ask to go back to India Chef!

Come dine with us anytime!